pigge (0.1.3) * Mostly internal changes, little in the way of obvious new functionality * MainBase.pm is dead; long live Pipeline.pm: * Less confusing design (though visually less clean) * Uses YAML pipeline descriptions, rather than ad hoc DSL * Produces better optimized Perl code * Used for object update and view rendering pipelines * Other tidbits from MainBase.pm factored back into Main.pm * Time now has a much more general design * Multiple time bases * Dependent time bases * Unified wall time and fixed rate time * Every object can have its own time base * New cleaner and more general driver initialization model * Some video code moved out of core engine and into video driver * Handle a few more texture formats * New plasma procedural texture (currently not correct) * Improved heightfield handling * Particle effect commands refactored * Lights are now proper WorldObjects * WorldObject subclass update methods refactored * Switched to YAML::Syck instead of YAML.pm * More config fragments (900x900 window, quality levels 6-9) * Control and performance improvements to player movement commands * Miscellaneous minor cleanups * Add several new docs and update several more * Change balance of tracing code (more tracing in init, less in pfx) -- Geoffrey Broadwell Tue, 12 Dec 2006 15:27:13 -0800 pigge (0.1.2) * Create this changelog, with retroactive 0.1.1 entry * Improve and refactor font and HUD support * Improve and refactor font test routine (the default HUD) * Autogenerate toggle_show_foo commands for all render.show.foo config items * Add ported toggleable HUD to challsall-blackhole port * Add ported HUD to chalsall-cube port * Skip rendering for invisible WorldObjects * Implement toggle_show_axes for chalsall-blackhole port * Mark toggle_lighting command as working instead of broken for chalsall-cube port * Fix some incorrect and/or incomplete statistics in the trends doc * Fix a previously untriggered braino bug in Callgraph.pm resulting in bad code output for the refactored draw_hud routine -- Geoffrey Broadwell Tue, 10 May 2005 17:25:09 -0700 pigge (0.1.1) * Initial public release -- Geoffrey Broadwell Thu, 5 May 2005 13:27:00 -0700