You will need the following before installing PIGGE; the version on my main development system is in parentheses where appropriate:


There isn't really a standard installation method yet; I have yet to convert PIGGE to use standard Perl module installation tools. Since this version is for early adopters, its best not to try to install it, but merely unpack the tarball to a directory and play around in there. Rest assured this will happen, it's just not top priority.

A special warning for Win32 users: if you extract the tarball using WinZip instead of cygwin tar, make sure to turn off WinZip's "smart" conversion of CR/LF. It is decidely not smart, and will cause PIGGE to die on startup.


The simplest test is to run the engine feature demo:

./pigge-run demos/demo.cfg

If that's running too slow on your system, check through the performance tips in the troubleshooting guide. You might also want to start with a simpler demo scene:

./pigge-run demos/demo.cfg world.scene=simple.yaml