The standard functionality demo, shortly after creating 20 simple explosion particle effects, totalling around 2500 particles.

The same demo after the particle effects have died off, causing the frame times to fall back to normal. Note also that the hidden flickering light, which illuminates the lower left of the sphere and some of the boxes, has now flicked off.

The demo scene shown at quality levels 1-4 (the default is level 5, used in the previous pair of screenshots). Note the changing complexity of geometry, textures, line quality, particle count per effect, etc. The missing heightfield in these shots is a bug. :-)

A "port" of Chris Halsall's Cube demo from his articles on

Three runs of the port of another of Chris Halsall's demos, Black Hole, from an article on The first shot shows the particle effect running at its default detail level (bias=0), with 210=1024 particles. While the default looks nice in motion (persistence of vision doing its job to blur the fast moving inner particles), it produces somewhat lousy screenshots. The other two runs had the complexity bias set to +2, for 212=4096 particles.

This shot shows a white-line wireframe of the first level of the original shareware DOOM. This port is fairly primitive, but it's definitely fun to work on. Well, except for having to work around silliness in the WAD file format, which was designed for a quirky pure software renderer running in DOS . . . .