NOTE: SDL Perl 2.x is finally being regularly maintained again, with Win32 support and all, by new maintainer Kartik Thakore and his team. As of August 2010, they've been consistently producing patches and releases for a while now, so I recommend getting the latest from the download link on the official SDL Perl site rather than using anything here anymore. I have left this page up for historical record, and to prevent link breakage.

1.20.5 (2005-05-20)
Win32 only. Win32 binaries are now provided exclusively as PPM packages. Includes a new API for accessing the examples and sample resources across operating systems. Because of the new functionality, after this point we intend to support all operating systems at least in source tarball form (at least those supported by SDL_perl 1.x in the past). We had hoped to include that support with this release, but unfortunately found some last-minute issues.
1.20.4 (not released)
Win32 only. Merges my patches for Debian's 1.20.3-1 tree; fixes a few other obvious issues; begins transition from hand-rolled installer program to standard PPM support on Win32. Includes experimental automatic support for OpenGL extensions, based on Intel's GLsdk library.
1.20.3 (2005-05-11)
Win32 only. Uses Debian's 1.20.3-1 source tree to catch up with old bug fixes and missing functions. Installs with the same install method as the first release. First version to completely support the sample code from my Building a 3D Engine in Perl articles.
1.20.x (2005-04-06)
Win32 only. First new 1.x build, just to make sure that Wayne's old build and install procedure works on recent Win32 and that OpenGL functionality is working at least minimally. Uses an old buggy copy of the SDL_perl source tree, packaged using a self-extracting install program.
SDL_perl 1.x Repository
SDL_perl 1.x is now available using Subversion on OpenFoundry; the tree may also be browsed online. If you would like commit access to the repository, please drop me an email and I'd be happy to invite you to the project.
SDL_perl 1.20.5 (Win32 .ppd, 1K + 1.7 MB)
SDL_perl 1.x is available in pre-built PPD/tarball form for the Perl Package Manager under ActivePerl 5.8 on Win32. Win32 users should be able to use the following command to install SDL_perl:
ppm install
If you already have an older SDL_perl installed on your Win32 system, please uninstall it before installing this build. If your previous build was installed using the self-extracting installer, first run the graphical uninstaller using the SDL_perl program group uninstaller icon, then uninstall again (because of bugs in the old uninstaller) using this command:
ppm uninstall